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Am I A True Yandere Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. How many times have you been cheated in your life?

153995 Once
153996 Twice
153997 More than two times
153998 Never

2. What you do most when you have an issue with your partner?

153999 I discuss it every time and then we figure it out
154000 I don’t discuss so that he/she doesn’t get hurt
154001 I discuss and then we usually have a fight
154002 I don’t have a partner dude

3. Do you get jealous when your partner talks to someone else?

154003 Yes, a lot
154004 A bit
154005 Not at all
154006 It depends on who the person is

4. How many times do you have a call with your partner when they are not around?

154007 More than 5 times a day
154008 2-3 times
154009 At least once in the entire day is must
154010 Once in 2-3 days

5. Do you check your partner’s social media account?

154011 That’s normal among us
154012 Yes, I do that a lot
154013 Not at all
154014 I have his/her account but I never check it

6. How many friends do you have?

154015 I have my gang
154016 Only one with whom I can share everything
154017 Quite a few
154018 None

7. What kinds of songs do you mostly listen to?

154019 Love songs
154020 Breakup songs
154021 EDM
154022 Hip-hop

8. How often do you get angry in a day?

154023 Quite a few times
154024 So many times
154025 Hardly any time
154026 Never

9. What age group do you belong to?

154027 13-18
154028 19-23
154029 24-29
154030 Above 30

10. Where do you your majority time in a day?

154031 Surfing over social media
154032 With friends
154033 With my partner
154034 Books
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