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Quiz: Are You Working Hard To Surprise Your Cute Partner?

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Questions & Options

1. What is the best way to surprise a woman?

4812 Giving her, her favorite jewelry
4813 Taking her out to dinner to an expensive restaurant
4814 Offering her some expensive lingerie
4815 Taking her to a favourite holiday destination

2. Which one is the best surprise gift for a man?

4816 Beer
4817 His favourite car
4818 Some cash
4819 His favourite meal

3. In a year, how many times you give a surprise to your partner?

4820 At least once
4821 At least twice
4822 At least 12 times
4823 Why bother?

4. Do you think that involving more people in your surprise is always a good idea?

4824 Yes
4825 No. You can only imagine how embarrassing it could be
4826 Yes, because it announces a party atmosphere
4827 No, because people don't like it in general

5. According to you who give the best idea of surprise?

4828 His/her mother
4829 His/her brother
4830 His/her best friend
4831 Nobody

6. What kind of surprises people don’t like?

4832 Just flowers
4833 Just the night together
4834 Just a great announcement
4835 Just the boudin from Louisiana you said you liked so much

7. If your partner doesn’t like your surprise then how will you react to it?

4836 You'll be devastated
4837 You'll be amused
4838 You'll be shocked but only for a few minutes
4839 Life goes on, so it won't be a big deal

8. If your partner is good in financial condition then what is the best surprise you will give to your partner?

4840 A new car
4841 Their dream house
4842 Their favourite perfumes
4843 Tickets to an unknown destination

9. According to you who are less reactive on surprises men or women?

4844 Men, because they're never happy
4845 Women, because they're never satisfied
4846 Pretentious people, because they think they are all that
4847 You've got no idea

10. Do you like making surprises to your partner?

4848 Yes, because you love them
4849 Yes, because you want them to see you as a special person
4850 Yes, because you want the relationship to last
4851 You don't really like making surprises
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