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How Does Your Partner Define Romance Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. When does your partner get anxious?

201108 When an heated argument between both of you
201109 When sharing romantic and quality time together
201110 When away from each other
201111 When need to do something special for me

2. How many times does your partner show you his love or say "I Love You"?

201112 Once in a day
201113 Countless
201114 When overwhelmed
201115 As long he feel it

3. How does your partner feel when you want to do something?

201116 Relieved
201117 Abandoned
201118 Jealous
201119 Worried

4. What do you feel, does your partner also loves you equally as you love?

201120 Yes definitely
201121 May be yes
201122 Sometimes but feel contradicted due to change in nature
201123 No, my partner don't love me equally

5. When does your partner gifts you?

201124 On Anniversaries
201125 On Birthdays
201126 Often, without any reason
201127 Hardly ever

6. What is your partner's relationship progress preference?

201128 Quickly
201129 Slowly
201130 Depend over the situation
201131 As per my desire

7. How does your partner feel about romance in public?

201132 Uncomfortable
201133 Fine
201134 Comfortable
201135 Care more for my comfort level

8. What does your partner prefer more among the following?

201136 Romantic Date
201137 Hug
201138 Home made meal
201139 Shopping

9. What would your partner choose for you to make you feel special?

201140 Weekend trip
201141 Surprise gift
201142 Party
201143 Family outing

10. What does your partner like to do in your free time with you?

201144 Watch movie together
201145 Do house chores together
201146 Go for outing together
201147 Cuddle

11. What does your partner do if you have a bad day?

201148 Let you be alone
201149 Spend time with you and talk
201150 Get a coffee for you
201151 Argue with you

12. Which among the following describe best about your partner?

201152 Calls you everytime
201153 Helps you always around the house
201154 Too busy to be with you
201155 Stingy
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