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How Heartbroken Are You Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. How many times have you faced a break-up?

165592 Once
165593 Twice
165594 A few time
165595 So many times

2. How long did your last relationship last?

165596 Around a year
165597 2 years
165598 3-4 years
165599 More than 4 years

3. What was the reason for your last break-up?

165600 Your partner cheated on you
165601 It was too toxic
165602 The other person ended it for some reason
165603 It just didn’t seem to go too well

4. What did you do after your break-up?

165604 I went to a bar
165605 Smoked a few cigarettes
165606 Cried
165607 Nothing, I was cool

5. What age did you belong when you had your break-up?

165608 Around 15
165609 17-19
165610 20-25
165611 25+

6. Did you have a talk with your ex-partner after your breakup?

165612 Yes, we are still friends
165613 Only a couple of times
165614 Only once
165615 No, not at all

7. What was the most beautiful part of your relationship?

165616 We helped each other in tough times
165617 We both had met each other’s families
165618 We had a lot of trips together
165619 Nothing at all

8. How long it has been since your breakup?

165620 Just a few months
165621 Almost a year
165622 2 years
165623 More than 2 years

9. What do you think about your breakup?

165624 He/she wasn’t meant for me
165625 Whatever happened shouldn’t have happened
165626 Whatever happened was good
165627 I want him/her back

10. Did your ex make a new relationship after yours?

165628 No, he/she is still single
165629 Yes
165630 I’m not sure, maybe
165631 I don’t think so
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