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How Long Would You Last In The Walking Dead Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. How many people would you need in a team to be able to survive longer?

165372 At least 10
165373 5-10
165374 Less than 5
165375 I don’t need even one, I’m a survivor alone

2. What’s your ideal place to hide if someone is chasing you?

165376 In the sea
165377 In the woods
165378 In my home
165379 I won’t hide, I’ll fight

3. Which weapon can you use rightly and with full force?

165380 A wooden stick
165381 Crossbow
165382 Firearm
165383 My hands are enough

4. What would you do if you found someone being bitten by a walker?

165384 Run away
165385 Confront them
165386 Wait for them to be alright
165387 Go to kill the walker

5. If someone from your camp dies of murder, not by a walker, what would you do?

165388 Bury them alone
165389 Confront group members to bury them together
165390 Wait for someone to do something
165391 Do nothing about it

6. When will you flee your group?

165392 Danger from walkers
165393 Danger from other groups
165394 Leader’s demise
165395 I’ll never flee the group

7. What can you do best?

165396 Buy groceries
165397 Sleep all day
165398 Kill a walker
165399 Kill another group’s members

8. Do you know how to shoot a gun?

165400 Yes, pretty well
165401 Yes, but I’m a rookie
165402 No, but I’ll learn
165403 No, and I’ll not learn

9. What will you do if a walker comes close enough to kill you?

165404 Do nothing
165405 Talk to them
165406 Fight with them
165407 Stab them in their head

10. How would you rather let your campmates die?

165408 Through a flu
165409 Murder by a walker
165410 Of a natural cause
165411 I’ll murder them
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