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Quiz: How Many Times Have You Been Reincarnated?

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Questions & Options

1. Do you have a reoccurring dream?

135324 Not sure
135325 Yes, I guess always
135326 Sometimes
135327 Never

2. What do you dream of again and again?

135328 Nightmares
135329 Deserted on an island
135330 Partying
135331 On a date with my crush

3. How good are you at memorizing things?

135332 I have the best memory
135333 I have a bad memory
135334 It is fairly good
135335 Sometimes I do remember

4. Which of the following word describes you?

135336 Intuitive
135337 Passionate
135338 Adventurous
135339 Forgetful

5. Have you ever dreamt of you being a part of history?

135340 Once
135341 Often
135342 No till now
135343 I don’t remember

6. How good are you at learning languages?

135344 Amazingly quick
135345 I think faster than other people
135346 Not bad
135347 Too bad

7. Do you believe in rebirth?

135348 Yes, I do
135349 No, I don’t
135350 Yes, I somewhat believe in rebirth
135351 Can’t say

8. Do you see death as the end of life or a new beginning?

135352 A new beginning
135353 End of a life
135354 Both
135355 I don’t think about it

9. Which is the most life-like sport, according to you?

135356 Football
135357 Basketball
135358 Baseball
135359 Soccer

10. Which of these is your top priority?

135360 Family
135361 Friends
135362 A high paying job
135363 Morality
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