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How Well Do You Connect With Your Partner Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. What is your favorite job together?

33895 Watching web series
33896 Exercise
33897 Playing computer games
33898 No comments

2. For what you normally talk about?

33899 Everything for personal life
33900 Society
33901 Lifestyle
33902 About web series

3. How do you think when you spend a month like a distance relationship?

33903 Feel sick
33904 Feel Lonely
33905 Feel without a purpose
33906 Feel Fantastic

4. Does your partner love you the same as you?

33907 Yes, of course
33908 Maybe
33909 You'd like to believe so
33910 No

5. Why you connect emotionally with your partner?

33911 Because of their truthfulness
33912 Because of their beauty
33913 Because of their strength in character
33914 Nothing

6. Are you more emotional or your partner?

33915 You are more emotional
33916 Your partner is more emotional
33917 You are both very emotional
33918 None of you is emotional

7. Is this dangerous if you are too emotional?

33919 Yes it is, because the other person may lose their patience with time
33920 Yes, because it can make you look weak in front of your partner
33921 Yes, because it becomes tiring through time, especially for your partner
33922 No, it's good and interesting for the relationship

8. Do you think too many emotions as a magnate for the relationship?

33923 Yes
33924 No
33925 Sometimes, because it shouldn't be about drama
33926 Sometimes, because it's real life not a movie

9. What are the 2nd important things for the relationship apart from emotions?

33927 Sincerity
33928 Spiritual strength
33929 Good health
33930 You can't think of anything else

10. How you can improve your relationship if you are able to do it?

33931 By communicate more with your partner
33932 By call your partner a bit more
33933 By take your partner out a bit more
33934 By you've got no idea
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