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Quiz: Have You Ever Wondered How Well You Know Your Partner?

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Questions & Options

1. Do you know your partner’s middle name?

19506 Yes
19507 No
19508 Yes I know, but not sure
19509 Does it really matter

2. Can you name their entire siblings and cousins?

19510 No
19511 Yes
19512 I am not sure
19513 He/she never told me

3. Do you know their mother’s maiden name?

19514 Yes
19515 No
19516 We were never discussing this
19517 This is completely out of the box type question

4. Have you told your old school secret that you’ve never told anyone?

19518 No
19519 Yes
19520 I don’t have any secret
19521 Not yet, but soon I will

5. Do you know the name of their work enemy?

19522 Oh! I forgot
19523 Yes I do
19524 No
19525 Maybe

6. Do you know their favorite clothing item to wear?

19526 Yes
19527 No
19528 I know he/she likes the white shirt
19529 Actually, I have never noticed this

7. Can you name all their childhood pets?

19530 Yes
19531 No
19532 It’s Ashley, I think
19533 Not into this type of conversation

8. Do you know their favorite fast food place?

19534 Yes
19535 No not at all
19536 He/She doesn’t like too much fast food
19537 Never asked

9. Can you name their favorite movie?

19538 Yes I know this
19539 No
19540 Only prefers web series
19541 Doesn’t stick to a single movie

10. Do you know how to calm down your partner?

19542 Yes with a romantic song
19543 No, I never did
19544 He/she is so cool and calm
19545 Don’t know
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