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Life Partner Quiz: Is It Time to Leave Your Life Partner?

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Questions & Options

1. How many times you have to fight with your partner?

6492 All the time when we meet
6493 Once in a month
6494 Once in a year
6495 You don’t remember it

2. How many times you feel that leaving of your partner is best option for you?

6496 All most every time
6497 More than 6 times
6498 Once
6499 You don’t feel like this

3. Does your partner abusive with you?

6500 Yes, most of the time
6501 Sometimes
6502 It hasn't happened yet
6503 Never

4. Does your partner become physical in regular fights?

6504 Yes, but not all the time
6505 Sometimes
6506 It doesn’t happen
6507 No

5. Does your partner hurt you emotionally?

6508 Yes, he/she said lots of bad things
6509 Yes, but not always
6510 Yes, because he/she act in a way that is often uncomfortable for you
6511 Never

6. How many times you need another person to solve your fight?

6512 Most of the time you need it
6513 Sometimes
6514 Rarely
6515 You don’t need anyone

7. Do you still make sexual relationship with your partner?

6516 No, not in regular basis
6517 Yes
6518 Only when he/she wants
6519 Yes, of course

8. Are you still in love with your partner?

6520 No, you don’t think so
6521 Just a little bit
6522 May be
6523 Yes

9. Does your partner still give compliments on your good looks?

6524 No, not anymore
6525 Sometimes
6526 You don’t remember it
6527 Yes

10. Do you have any hope in your relationship?

6528 No, you don’t feel any hope
6529 No, because you've both said some very hurtful things to each other
6530 Yes
6531 Yes, because you love your partner a lot
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