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What Should Be Your Gaming Nickname Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. Which skill are you a master in?

155247 Cooking
155248 Blacksmithing
155249 Alchemy
155250 Tailoring

2. Do you like romances in a video game?

155251 No
155252 Yes
155253 It’s a waste of time
155254 They are good as they add depth to the character

3. In-game full of zombies, which weapon would you like to use?

155255 Hand Gun
155256 Snipper riffle
155257 Shotgun
155258 Chainsaw

4. Which gaming system do you prefer the most?

155259 Play station
155260 XBOX
155261 Nintendo Wii
155262 PS

5. What is the first thing you will do if your character enters someone’s home?

155263 Steal everything
155264 Attack the first person you see
155265 Find a weapon
155266 See if there is someone you can partner with

6. If given an option, what is the type of game that you will prefer at all times?

155267 Puzzle
155268 Simulations
155269 Strategy games
155270 RPG’s

7. How much do you care about the plot when you are playing?

155271 Not too much
155272 Yes, I love that
155273 Never cared about it
155274 Interested only if it’s a good plot

8. Which vehicle do you love to ride in a video game?

155275 Car
155276 Bike
155277 Spaceship
155278 Helicopter

9. Do you always like to play a game till the end?

155279 Always
155280 Never
155281 Just till it’s fun
155282 Until I am winning

10. Which color outfits do you prefer for your character?

155283 Black
155284 Grey
155285 Blue
155286 Purple
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