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Transgender Quiz: Am I A Transgender?

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Questions & Options

1. Do you feel having qualities of another gender within you?

155823 Yes, I am female but feel a bit masculine
155824 I am a boy but people say the way I talk is more like girls
155825 I like to indulge in activities in which boys are involved or vice-versa
155826 None of the above

2. In what position do you sit?

155827 I am a boy and usually sits in a cross-legged position
155828 I am a girl and I love sitting in a Leg-lock position
155829 I am a boy and I sit in a leg-lock position
155830 I am a girl and I sit in a cross-legged position

3. What kind of hairs do you love?

155831 I am a boy and I love Longhairs
155832 I am a girl and I love short hairs
155833 I am a boy and I love short hairs
155834 I am a girl and I love long hairs

4. What kind of circle do you have?

155835 I love spending time with friends of both genders
155836 I am a boy and I spend most of the time in a girl’s group
155837 I am a girl and I spend my time mostly in a boy’s circle
155838 I am a girl and I spend time with girls

5. How many relationships have you had before?

155839 So many relationship
155840 2-3 relationships
155841 Only 1 relationships
155842 None

6. Which of the following would you choose?

155843 A laptop
155844 A car
155845 A Headphone
155846 A dress

7. Which color do you think defines you?

155847 Black
155848 Purple
155849 Pink
155850 Red

8. Which is your favorite boy band?

155851 One direction
155852 BTS
155853 The Vamps
155854 Green day

9. Which is the sport you are best at?

155855 Badminton
155856 Athletics
155857 Volleyball
155858 Table Tennis

10. Do you feel attracted to your own gender?

155859 Yes
155860 Not at all
155861 Sometimes, depends on who the person is
155862 Not sure
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