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What Kind Of Husband Are You Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. What efforts do you put to make your partner feel important when you both are out together?

173934 Keep phone on silent
173935 Hold her hands
173936 Try to do something she wish for
173937 Praise her

2. What you are more good at?

173938 Listening
173939 Speaking
173940 Stubbornness
173941 Both Listening and Speaking

3. What do you do in your relationship to win over your conversation?

173942 Compromise
173943 Try to elaborate your point
173944 Play a game to win
173945 Argue

4. Do you communicate with your partner?

173946 Yes
173947 Discuss all big small things
173948 Sometimes, discuss major things only
173949 Never

5. How do you cheer your partner when she is sad?

173950 Take her for shopping
173951 Plan Lunch/Dinner
173952 Try to cook something for her
173953 Nothing

6. What sort of work do you like to do around the home?

173954 Rennovation
173955 Home Chores
173956 None
173957 Anything ask to do

7. Do you enjoy surprising your partner?

173958 Yes, Always
173959 Sometimes
173960 Occasionally
173961 Never

8. Which word describes you best among the following?

173962 Loyal
173963 Faithful
173964 Respecting
173965 Short-Temper

9. Do you argue with your partner about all the little things?

173966 No, pick my battles too carefully
173967 Love to argue at stupid stuff
173968 Sometimes argue about all things
173969 Try not to argue at all

10. What do you do for your partner's success?

173970 Let her shine
173971 Overshadow her
173972 Sometimes I overshadow her
173973 Always let her decide best for herself
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