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What Kind Of Music Are You Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. When you listen to the singer of some of your favorite songs, what does she/he sound like?

166032 Slow and as if they are trying to sing something so beautiful that their life depends on it.
166033 Sad and slow, like they are put down
166034 The words run into each other, and the singing is fast, so you can hardly understand the lyrics.
166035 The voice is soft and smooth.

2. Select your favorite song?

166036 Iron Man (by Black Sabbath)
166037 Love the Way you lie (by Eminem and Rihanna)
166038 Crazy Blues (Mamie Smith)
166039 All of the Lights (by Kanye West)

3. What music do you like?

166040 Love song
166041 Story-telling
166042 Party
166043 All above

4. When do you prefer to listen to music?

166044 Working-out
166045 Travelling
166046 Driving
166047 Free Time

5. Do you like to listen to music from which source/media?

166048 Music Application
166049 Recorded
166050 YouTube
166051 Online

6. Which form of music do you prefer to listen to?

166052 Jazz
166053 Retro
166054 Sad
166055 Emotional

7. Which music instrument do you like to operate when you get a chance?

166056 Harmonium
166057 Fute
166058 Mouth organ
166059 Guitar

8. How do you usually listen?

166060 Earbuds
166061 Over headphones
166062 In-ear phones
166063 In person

9. Which musician is your favorite?

166064 Justin Bieber
166065 Max Richter
166066 Max Richter
166067 Bob Dylan

10. Do you get connected with music when you are?

166068 Happy
166069 Sad
166070 Emotional
166071 Relax
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