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Quiz: What Makes You Admire and Respect Your Partner?

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Questions & Options

1. In a day how many times you said I love you to your partner?

5168 5 times a day
5169 Twice a day
5170 Once a day
5171 You don’t count it

2. What one is the best way of appreciation to your partner?

5172 By calling them several times a day
5173 By telling them how much you love them
5174 By hugging them as much as you can
5175 By giving gift with quote

3. According to you which quality is best in your partner?

5176 Their smile
5177 Their kindness
5178 Their spirit
5179 Everything which he/she has

4. Which one is the best impact has your lover had on you?

5180 They have helped you regain your confidence
5181 They have pushed you to pursue a career
5182 They have always encouraged you to go for your dreams
5183 They've had none

5. Does your partner know that you admire and respect him/her?

5184 Yes, they do
5185 Yes, you can tell by the look in their eyes
5186 You don't know you will have to ask them
5187 You don't really care to be honest

6. Do you take help from your partner in your office work?

5188 So many times
5189 Only once because you a very proud person
5190 Sometimes
5191 Never because you almost don't need them

7. Which is the best thing you did for your partner?

5196 Buying them an expensive car
5197 Paying for their car loan
5198 Ironing their clothes
5199 Falling in love with them

8. Which is the best thing your partner did for you?

5204 Asking you to marry them
5205 Assisting you when you were sick
5206 Providing you with a loan when you most needed it
5207 Nothing

9. Which one is the best day for celebration?

5208 Valentine's day
5209 Christmas
5210 Your birthdays
5211 Everyday

10. Does your partner appreciate your work?

5224 Yes, of course
5225 Yes, and they don't hesitate to let you know
5226 Yes, you can tell by the way they look at you
5227 Not really, and honestly you don't care
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