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What Type of Lover Are You Quiz Only For Couple

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Questions & Options

1. How many best friends do you have?

34479 Only one
34480 Only two
34481 More than six
34482 You have no true friends, just people you know.

2. How many times a month do you call your siblings?

34483 More than once
34484 At least 5 times
34485 Once
34486 You call them sometimes

3. How many serious relationships have you had so far?

34487 Only a few ones
34488 Just one
34489 Less than ten
34490 A lot

4. Have you ever been into conflict with society people?

34491 Yes
34492 Yes, but it wasn’t your fault
34493 Yes, but you have great diplomatic skills, so everything turned out okay.
34494 No, because you are quite shy

5. Do you feel you often take society people for granted?

34495 Yes.
34496 Yes, and it makes you feel sad.
34497 Yes, but that’s life.
34498 No, you are too humble to do that.

6. Do you feel you are taken for granted by people?

34499 Yes, all the time
34500 Yes, and it’s because you are the nicest person around
34501 No.
34502 No, you don’t allow people to take you for granted

7. Do you make time for the social person you love?

34503 Yes, at least once a month
34504 Yes, at least once in 2 months
34505 Yes, at least a few times a year
34506 Not really

8. Do people love you because of your personality traits?

34507 Yes, definitely
34508 Sometimes
34509 Most of the times
34510 No, because you are horrible

9. Do people love you because of your handsome looks?

34511 Of course, they do
34512 Yes, but your personality traits make them love you more
34513 Maybe
34514 You’ve got no idea

10. Do people think you are rude to them?

34515 Yes, and normally call you the “B” word
34516 Yes, and you like being the bad guy
34517 Yes, and that’s why they respect you
34518 No
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