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Which BTS Member Are You Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. Which of these is your favorite BTS song?

165992 Butter
165993 Dynamite
165994 Boy with luv
165995 Fake love

2. Which of these is your favorite?

165996 Singing
165997 Dancing
165998 Hooping
165999 Sketching

3. With which of these singers BTS haven’t collaborated yet?

166000 Halsey
166001 Ed Sheran
166002 Selena Gomez
166003 Lauv

4. What kind of music do you mostly listen to?

166004 Slow and Soothing
166005 Heartbreak ones
166006 Rock
166007 Of all types

5. To whom would like to see BTS next collaboration?

166008 Britney Spears
166009 Justin Bieber
166010 Shawn Mendes
166011 Blackpink

6. What type of music would you prefer?

166012 Pop
166013 Hip-Hop
166014 R&B
166015 EDM

7. What type of boys do you like more?

166016 Those with long hairs
166017 Those with short hairs
166018 Those with medium-sized hairs
166019 Doesn’t matter

8. How much do you love BTS?

166020 I listen to their song almost every day
166021 I have watched their all music videos on YouTube
166022 I have watched all of their live concerts
166023 I have watched all the videos on YouTube which are featuring BTS

9. Who is best with vocals according to you in the band?

166024 Jin
166025 V is best
166026 Jungkook
166027 Jimin

10. Why do you love BTS so much?

166028 Because of their voices
166029 Because of their dance
166030 Because of innocence
166031 I don’t know why… I just love them
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