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Are You A Cool Mom Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. Do you ever scold or punish your ward?

165732 Never
165733 Sometimes
165734 Quite often
165735 Everyday

2. Do you feel that your child shares all his/her secrets with you?

165736 Yes, I am pretty sure about it
165737 Hardly any
165738 Most of his/her secrets I believe
165739 Never

3. What profession are you in?

165740 I am a housewife
165741 I work in a private sector
165742 I m a government officer
165743 Others

4. Do you feel that you are able to give your children the proper time they need?

165744 Yes, I hope so
165745 Not on some days
165746 Only on some days
165747 Never

5. When was the last trip you had with your entire family?

165748 Last month
165749 A Few months back
165750 Over a year back
165751 Not in the recent times

6. How would you react to a situation when you find your son/daughter in a relationship with someone?

165752 I’m pretty cool about
165753 I m not ok as it’s not their age to make boyfriend/girlfriend
165754 I don’t know how I’m going to react to it
165755 I need to know the guy/girl first

7. Have you ever talked about sex/intimacy with your son/daughter?

165760 Yes, we have talked about it quite often
165761 Never
165762 Just a couple of times
165763 I have to but haven’t done it yet

8. Have you ever checked your son/daughter’s mobile phone?

165764 No, never
165765 Yes, I check it regularly
165766 I just check it on some random days
165767 Hardly any day

9. Are your kids respectful towards you?

165768 No, they are not
165769 Yes, they are
165770 Sometimes they talk in a way that hurts me
165771 Sometimes they do but they apologies later

10. How many kids do you have?

165772 Only 1
165773 Only 2
165774 Only 3
165775 More than 3
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