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Gaseous State Quiz: How Much You Know About Gaseous State?

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1. Below the four statements given below for real gases, which are incorrect :

183454 The molecules cause attractive interactions.
183455 They show deviation from ideal gas laws.
183456 The molecules are almost volume less points.
183457 The molecules have negligible mass.

2. If a mixture containing 3moles of hydrogen and 1mole of nitrogen is converted completely into ammonia , the ratio of initial and final volume under the same temperature and pressure would be...

183458 3:1
183459 1:3
183460 2:1
183461 1:2

3. The average velocity of an ideal gas molecule at 27C is 0.3m/sec. The avg. velocity at 927°c will be...

183462 0.6m/sec
183463 0.3m/sec
183464 0.9m/sec
183465 3.0m/sec

4. The compressibility of a gas is less than unity at STP. Therefore...

183466 Vm>22.4 l
183467 Vm<22.4l
183468 Vm=22.4l
183469 Vm=44.8l

5. When 2g of a gas ‘A’ is introduced into an evacuated flask kept at 25°c, the pressure is found to be 1 atm. If 3g of another gas ‘B’ is then added to the same flask the total pressure becomes 1.5 atm. Assuming ideal gas behavior, calculate the ratio of molar masses MA: MB

183470 1:3
183471 1:4
183472 4:1
183473 3:1

6. 4.0g of argon has pressure at temperature T K in a vessel. On keeping the sample at 50°higher temperature, 0.8g gas was given out to maintain the pressure P. The original temperature was...

183474 73K
183475 100K
183476 200K
183477 510K

7. A gas mixture of 3 liters of propane C₃H₈ and butane C₄H₁₀ on complete combustion at 25°C produced 10l CO₂. What is the composition of the gas mixture?

183478 1.5l, 1.5l
183479 1l, 2l
183480 2.5l, 0.5l
183481 1.75l, 1.25l

8. A mixture (15ml) of CO and CO₂ is mixed with Vml (excess) of oxygen and electrically sparked. The volume after explosion was (V+ 12) ml. What would be the residual volume if 25ml of the original mixture is exposed to alkali

183482 7ml
183483 12ml
183484 10ml
183485 9ml

9. What will be the pressure of the gaseous mixture when 0.5L of H₂ at 0.8 bar and 2.0L of dioxygen at 0.7 bar are introduced in a 1L vessel at 27°C?

183486 4 bar
183487 1.8 bar
183488 0.9 bar
183489 3.6 bar

10. Which of the following remain constant as per Boyle’s law?

183490 Mass of the gas remain constant
183491 Temperature of the gas remain constant
183492 Pressure of the gas should not be quite higher
183493 Both (a) and (b) are correct

11. “R” is known as universal gas constant. Because “R” is...

183494 Independent on pressure , temperature and volume of gas
183495 Independent on the nature of gas
183496 Not applicable for the pressure exerted by the liquid and solid
183497 All of the above

12. 41.5 ml of H₂ (g) collected over water at 27°c and at 1 bar. At 27°c, aqueous tension of water is 0.04 bar. The amount of H₂ (g) collected was (R=0.083 bar L Kˉ¹ molˉ¹)

183498 3.2gm
183499 3.2mg
183500 0.16 х 10ˉ²gm
183501 0.16mg
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