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Have A Tickle Fight With Your Boyfriend Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. Which point do you feel is the most ticklish point of yours?

173894 Sides
173895 Anywhere
173896 Feet
173897 Nowhere

2. What will you do if your boyfriend tickles you?

173898 Scold him
173899 Tickle him back
173900 Try to escape from him
173901 I will let him try to tickle

3. What would you do if your boyfriend tie you and then tickle her?

173902 Try to convince him not to do
173903 Deal with it
173904 Request him not to tickle
173905 Break-up with him

4. Which word describes your health best?

173906 Fatty
173907 Skinny
173908 Healthy
173909 Lame

5. When mostly your boyfriend tickles you?

173910 Almost always
173911 When I irritate him
173912 When he is in fun mood
173913 Sometimes

6. Do you enjoy being tickled by your boyfriend?

173914 Sometimes
173915 Always
173916 Yes when we get into tickle fight
173917 Never

7. What about your boyfriend, is he ticklish?

173918 Yes, a lot
173919 Absolutely no
173920 Never got a chance to tickle him
173921 Mostly

8. How do you react when he tickles you even when you are busy with your work?

173922 Yell at him
173923 Get upset with him
173924 Fight
173925 Laugh and enjoy

9. Do your friends also tickle you?

173926 Yes, they are doing
173927 Not at all
173928 They are not aware
173929 Never got a chance

10. How do you control yourself when you are being tickled?

173930 Resist
173931 Stiff up
173932 Cannot control
173933 Just try to escape
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