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How Conservative Are You Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. Do you think present-day economic policies favor powerful people’s interests?

156083 They are blatantly pro rich
156084 They are somewhat pro rich
156085 Not that Pro rich
156086 They are open and provide everyone with equal opportunity

2. Do you think Big businesses should be taxed heavily for public welfare?

156087 Yes, the rich should pay
156088 They should be taxed at least for education
156089 That is unfair and against equal treatment of every individual
156090 It should be proportional to their wealth

3. Do you think your country should give up nuclear arms?

156091 Yes, it is the need of hour
156092 No, we face a lot of external threats
156093 If every other nuclear armed country does the same
156094 If our any state does the same

4. Should there be stricter environmental laws and regulations?

156095 Climate Change is hypothetical concept the earth keeps changing
156096 It should be every countries priority
156097 Developing nations should check it’s their problem
156098 If not humanity will suffer

5. How do you perceive the government spending more money on health and education by reducing the budget for Defense?

156099 Should not be done as it jeopardizes our security
156100 Education and health care are basic human rights and should be ensured by the government.
156101 Education and Healthcare are more important that security
156102 We should be ready for an incoming war

6. What are your views on the dialogue between a separatist organization in your country and your government?

156103 Should not be done as it gives them credibility
156104 Should not be done they will get a platform to answer
156105 Should be done as it reduces violence
156106 Everyone has a right to express themselves so the government should listen

7. How do you view the influx of refugees in your country?

156107 They are a threat to our society and culture
156108 We have a dearth of resources their influx will reduce them further
156109 Should be accepted if they face religious persecution
156110 Everyone has a right to every resource provided by mother earth

8. How do you view same-sex marriage?

156111 It is against our belief and culture
156112 Not mentioned in our scripture so it is unnatural
156113 Individuals have a right to do whatever they want
156114 Everyone has a right to love whoever they want

9. Do you think foreign nationals arrested on suspicion of terrorist activities should be given constitutional rights?

156115 Not at all they wanted us all to die
156116 Terrorist don’t need any trial should be executed without it
156117 Every suspect is innocent until proven guilty
156118 Everyone has a right to fair trial

10. What are your views on abolishing capital punishment?

156119 Should be exist so that people fear law enforcement
156120 Only be given in case someone dies because of them
156121 Should be given only for rarest of the rare case scenarios
156122 Every life is precious we don’t have any right to take away someone’s life
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