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The Road Not Taken Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. Who is the poet of this poem?

173585 Freddy Gala
173586 Strya Gyle
173587 Bob Marcus
173588 Robert Frost

2. What is the dilemma of the poet?

173589 whether he will be able to walk
173590 whether he will get time for himself
173591 whether he will be able to come back to the second road or not
173592 whether he will be successful

3. What does the poet’s decision of taking a less traveled road signify?

173593 arrogance of the poet
173594 poet’s risk taking habit
173595 poet’s curiosity
173596 poet’s negligence

4. What does the choice of road signify?

173597 toughness of a choice and decision in life
173598 too many things
173599 two paths
173600 none

5. Where does the poet find himself?

173601 On the bus
173602 On a muddy road
173603 On the road
173604 On the fork

6. What does Poet’s long stare at the path signify?

173605 relaxation hours
173606 poet loves nature
173607 the time taken by people to decide and making a choice
173608 idling away of time

7. What do yellow woods represent?

173609 Poet's sibling
173610 Older People
173611 Infants
173612 Soldiers

8. Why was the poet able to travel one road only?

173613 because he was one person
173614 because he had to walk alone
173615 because he had no vehicle
173616 All of these

9. Why is the poet asking to be wise while choosing a pathway?

173617 No reason!
173618 Because it is one sided road
173619 Because it is the only one road
173620 Because there is no Going Back option

10. : Which thing decides a person’s future according to this poem?

173621 the success
173622 the path one leaves behind
173623 the path one chooses to walk
173624 the regrets

11. : What does the poem speak about?

173625 About the plight of roads
173626 About the choices made by people
173627 About two roads
173628 About the people

12. Why did the poet choose the second road?

173629 because it was not used by many people and was appealing to the poet
173630 because it was beautiful
173631 because it was well built
173632 all of these
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