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What Kind Of Tickle Are You Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. Which color would you choose among the following options?

154075 Orange
154076 Light Blue
154077 Dark green
154078 Black

2. How irritating is it for you when someone else touches you?

154079 Quite irritating
154080 Not at all
154081 Depends where they touch
154082 It’s okay if it’s someone from the opposite gender

3. Which is your favorite flower?

154083 Rose
154084 Daffodil
154085 Jasmine
154086 Lotus

4. What kind of day would you prefer more?

154087 Sunny
154088 Windy
154089 Rainy
154090 Snowy

5. What kind of ride would you choose with your partner?

154091 In a car
154092 On the bike
154093 On a bicycle
154094 Walking with holding hands

6. What kind of person are you when it comes to BMI?

154095 Underweight
154096 Normal weighted
154097 Overweight
154098 Obese

7. How messy is your room?

154099 I like to keep things in their proper place
154100 It’s messy sometimes but I arrange it from time to time
154101 It’s messy all the time
154102 I make a mess and then my mom cleans it from time to time

8. What kind of person are you?

154103 Funny
154104 Aggressive
154105 Anxious
154106 Silent

9. How good a sportsperson you are?

154107 Not good at any sport
154108 Good at almost all the sport.
154109 It depends on the sport
154110 I am good at indoor games only.

10. How good you are when it comes to talking to people?

154111 I can talk to any random guy
154112 I talk to random people only when I am bored
154113 I can talk but they should be the ones to start the conversation first
154114 I am an introvert so I prefer not talking to random guys.
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