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What Reassurance Do You Need Right Now Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. What do you think about your life right now?

183354 I don’t know where it is taking me
183355 It’s pretty good
183356 My life is unfair to me

2. Which of the quote relates most to you?

183358 Seek respect, not attention. It lasts longer
183359 And still, I rise
183360 Learn from the heart, not the head
183361 Wherever life takes you, walk proud

3. What is your negative quality?

183362 Run from the situations
183363 Live in the past
183364 Overthinking
183365 Hard on myself

4. What do you do when you are low?

183366 Try to figure out what’s making me sad
183367 Let it be
183368 Distract myself by indulging in activities
183369 Cry

5. Color that you consider as comforting?

183370 Black
183371 White
183372 Pink
183373 Blue

6. Drink that you consider as comforting?

183374 Tea
183375 Coffee
183376 Alcohol
183377 Water

7. What do you do when things don’t go according to what you plan?

183378 Try adapting to the environment
183379 Get anxious
183380 Go with the flow
183381 It’s always according to my plan sooner or later

8. How do you release your pain?

183382 Listen to music
183383 Hug from a loved one
183384 Cry
183385 Journalling

9. Do you like where you are right now?

183386 I don’t even know where I am
183387 Um, Kinda. It will get better
183388 Yes, I’ve worked hard for it
183389 Not really

10. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

183390 I am scared to think of my future
183391 Yes, I have chased my dream
183392 Doing totally different from what I am doing right now
183393 I don’t know

11. Which type of movie comfort you?

183394 Comedy movies
183395 Romantic movies
183396 Horror movies
183397 Action movies

12. One thing if you can change about your life?

183398 One thing? I want to change it completely
183399 There should be more adventures in my life
183400 I don’t want to change. It’s going how it supposed to be
183401 I want to change myself not my life
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