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Amphibia Character Quiz: Which Amphibia Character Are You?

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Questions & Options

1. If you were transported to the land of Amphibia what would you do?

155515 Punch some trees
155516 Start seeming in anger
155517 Start running randomly
155518 See the directions given by your compass and find a way out

2. In the forest, if you see a frog what will you do?

155519 Kill him
155520 Run away
155521 Talk to him
155522 Ask him the whereabouts

3. You see a menacing tower in the distance, what do you do?

155523 Try to sneak in
155524 Run away
155525 Try to get someone’s attention
155526 Run in and ask for answers

4. If you come across one of your friends, what will you do?

155527 Attack the imposter
155528 I don’t have friends
155529 Stalk them to make sure they really are your friends
155530 Go to them and ask for answers

5. If a family of frogs asks to stay with you, what will you do?

155531 Accept
155532 Decline
155533 Go with the flow
155534 I ride solo!

6. If you see a cat-like creature, what will you do?

155535 Leave it alone
155536 Kill it
155537 Pick it up and bring it in your journey
155538 Rub its stomach and move on

7. If town people start calling you “the beast”, what will you do?

155539 Ignore them
155540 Punch them
155541 Continue to be friends
155542 Threaten them

8. If you find out a way but your friends are still there, what will you do?

155543 Leave
155544 Go get them
155545 Leave with my family of frogs
155546 Leave with a lot of regret

9. What is your true personality?

155547 Fun loving
155548 Clumsy
155549 Smart
155550 Straightforward

10. Favorite color?

155551 Pink
155552 Blue
155553 Red
155554 Green
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